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Traffic is recorded anonymously in versions 6, released 2016-9-9, and later. We’ve been switching back-and-forth between machines, so there may be large gaps with no data.

Each dot (t, f(t)) represents the sum of the number of sessions f(t) at time t within the hour. The size of the dot is insignificant. The default plot showing the entire timeline is cached for 1 hour.

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Please email left-studio [at] riseup (dot) net. This is a multi-person alias, and you will receive a reply from a different address. See the Credits section below to contact specific contributors. You may alternatively file an issue on our GitHub page.

You may read our terms & privacy practices, which should be roughly the same as the text in the app, though the version in the app takes precedence.


MBS Now is a 2PITAU project.

MBS Now was made in late 2012 with the idea to both provide students the opportunity to participate in a usually private, closed institution and to make students’, parents’, and faculty members’ day slightly simpler. Before MBS Now, there was no medium from which those associated with the school could access crucial information.

The app works differently than most secondary-school and college applications. Rather than being controlled by a corporation that runs a myriad of apps that have all been formatted to the same template and invade users’ privacy, MBS Now is much more dynamic; maintainers listen to your suggestions and add functionality accordingly. Select users can also update the app’s content remotely via MBS Now Admin. MBS Now is wholly run by its maintainers and relies sparingly on school resources.

MBS Now will always be maintained by individuals (generally alumni, students, & faculty/staff), ad-free, free to use, transparent, and open-source. Please feel free to contribute: github.com/2pitau/MBS-Now. This site and the app are licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA International 4.0 license unless otherwise stated. Please check our main repository, MBS-Now, for details. MBS Now’s source code and content and this site and its content are © 2013–2017, 2PITAU.

We hope you enjoy the app!


Name Contribution
Graham Dyer (‘14) Programming, design, MBS Now‘s server
Barbara Napholtz (faculty/staff) Schedules, macOS schedule widget, special thanks
Deanna Whelan (staff) Launch screen, app icon 6.3–
Lena Rajan (‘14) App icon 1.0–6.2
Lucas Fagan (‘17) 2015 on-campus liaison

Version history

There have been 33 version releases.

Number Description Date first available Minimum iOS version supported
6.6 New schedule graphics! August 11, 2017 9.0
6.5 Various aesthetic enhancements, improvements for Today for iPad, and better handling of web content. February 23, 2017 9.0
6.4 You can now help MBS Now’s maintainers filter athletics events by team. Tap an athletics event for more. January 17, 2017 9.0
6.3 A fresh, new icon from Deanna Whelan (staff); thanks! January 09, 2017 9.0
6.2 MBS Now has integrated with the athletics calendar: tap the more menu to view the week's athletics events or visit info/settings to add the day's events to your Today feed. Also: info/settings now houses a link to the library catalog. January 04, 2017 9.0
6.1 - U.S. lunch-blocks have been improved - Adding events from Today to your iOS calendar has been fixed - Today is smarter and more stable - iOS 10 support September 30, 2016 9.0
6.0 Rewrite, redesign, consolidated server + UI. Today for iPad. September 6, 2016 iOS 9 and later
5.0.0 Major bug fixes caused by iOS changes February 17, 2016 iOS 7.0 and later (iOS 9)
4.6.1 Bug fixes, improvements for clubs and service, ends data collection. October 27, 2015 iOS 7.0 and later (iOS 9)
4.5.1 Updates for new school year September 1, 2015 iOS 7.0 and later (iOS 8)
4.4.1 Bug fixes March 5, 2015 iOS 7.0 and later (iOS 8)
4.3.1 Fixes PDF loading, improvements for Today October 8, 2014 iOS 7.0 and later (iOS 8)
4.2.1 Bug fixes for Today August 28, 2014 iOS 7.0 and later
4.1.1 Bug fixes and improvements for Today August 6, 2014 iOS 7.0 and later
4.0.9 New 'Today' tab accumulates all news articles, schedules, lunch menus, notifications, meetings, events and more in one place. Introduces Community Service: add your posts to get more involved in and out of the MBS community. Also: design facelift, faster navigation, bug fixes, and exclusive iOS 7 support. August 3, 2014 iOS 7.0 and later
3.8.1 More data to GitHub, bug fixes. May 11, 2014 iOS 7.1 and earlier
3.7.1 Some data moved to GitHub, no passwords for database credentials and club creation, bug fixes. (This version had some problems.) May 7, 2014 iOS 7.1 and earlier
3.6.1 Migration to campus.mbs.net, adding Lucas as the admin. May 2, 2014 iOS 7.1 and earlier
3.5.1 Support for iOS 7.1, bug fixes. March 27, 2014 iOS 7.1 and earlier
3.4.2 New look for tables, R.S.V.P., and bug fixes. March 22, 2014 iOS 7 and earlier
3.3.8 Automatic R.S.V.P.s, meeting data have been restructured, all connections are now asynchronous (preventing delays), "What 's New" for iPhone, in-app meeting modification notifications, unified forms, completely autonomous form uploads, lunch distinctions update faster, bug fixes. February 6, 2014 iOS 7 and earlier
3.2.5 Custom alert times, improvements for viewing and creating meetings, explore campus improvements, connection and bug fixes. December 4, 2013 iOS 7 and earlier
3.1.1 Small changes with clubs, resolved connectivity problems, semi-accommodation for the new mbs.net. November 20, 2013 iOS 7 and earlier
3.0.9 Meetings! Create, view, and share meetings all through the app; H.T.M.L. formatted outgoing emails; bug fixes. November 7, 2013 iOS 7 and earlier
2.4.6 Automatic form uploads, iOS 7 support, explore campus, instant alerts, bug reporter, design improvements, early/late lunch listings, bug fixes. October 29, 2013 iOS 7 and earlier
2.3.1 Notification fixes, lunch menu fixes, dynamic temporary form titles. September 8, 2013 iOS 6 and earlier
2.2.9 Automatic data uploads, unified settings manager, contact MBS improvements, design facelift, bug fixes. August 30, 2013 iOS 6 and earlier
2.1.9 Research database credentials, notifications added for A/B weeks and general announcements, massive package reduction, stability & bug fixes. August 12, 2013 iOS 6 and earlier
2.0.5 Data exporting, notifications for dress-up days, unified listings manager, Middle School homework & special schedule improvements. July 31, 2013 iOS 6 and earlier
1.3 773.7% reduction in package size, higher quality images, swipe gestures to change backgrounds, design improvements. July 19, 2013 iOS 6 and earlier
1.2 Massive design improvements, photo browser, countdown, form search, bug fixes. June 27, 2013 iOS 6 and earlier